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This Bug Lives Under Your Pillow… Yes, It’s Real and I Can Prove it!

It’s SOOOOO Cute, but keep it away… Seriously!

There are real-life Pokemon (or “pocket monsters”) out there. Well, not under your pillow, but around.

It’s one of those cases of: “if I saw it on the internet, then it HAS TO BE true.” And in this case, it’s true!

For instance, this little fellow is the China Silkworm Moth, which is, as it’s name suggests, used for silk production as larvae. When they grow up they look kind of cute.

Check out more cute insects here.

Some even turn into this:


The Delivery Boy Did it Wrong… (AGAIN!)


The pizza was cold again. Pure MAYHEM was unleashed that day but she didn’t lose her cool. She had her very own “Automatic Warring Reindeer.”

Next time he’ll know better not to mess with her!

(Imagine the possibilities of having your very own Remote Control Flying Reindeer with Rockets and Guidance system.)