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Everything I do, I do for fun. I am a cheerful, communicative, cute, smart girl. If you don't believe me, come and get to know me. If you like me, sit comfortably, have a glass of something and let's put your fantasies into practice. I'll make you explode with satisfaction. The best turn on is the fulfillment of my desires! I think a woman doesn't have to be vulgar to be attractive. All she have to do is look you in your eyes and tell you how much she adore you. I think it's every woman's dream to find a person who appreciat. Don't forget to say "HELLO!" when you come and "BYE!" when you leave. I am sure that you don't like me to ignore you if you are not polite.

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Ultima reprezentație: Duminică, 20 iunie, 10:02
  • Nume DaliaIvy
  • Țară România
  • Vârstă 26
  • Culoarea părului Negru
  • Lungimea parului Lung
  • Gen fată
  • Construi In medie
  • Limbă (limbi) Engleză
  • Culoarea ochilor Negru
  • Dimensiunea cupelor Mare
  • Etnie Alb
  • Preferinţă Drept

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